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The importance of being able to convey the right information at the right time to the citizens is increasing. Continuous work is required to manage the public places/facilities. Through outepoint’s platform OUTE you’re given the opportunity to offer information in real time and work proactively with updating information.

Private organization

Are you a facility owner who wants to inform your customers with real-time information, sell outdoor activities such as downhill skiing, hiking, cross-country skiing, or fishing areas?

Central organization

For a central organization with several local clubs as members, it can be difficult to deliver a modern IT solution under your own brand. Contact us and we will solve it!


General knowledge about health and movement is increasing in many countries. Continuous work is required to manage the localities and work proactively with human health.








One system

management made easy


OUTE is an interactive platform that allows you to easily manage, drive and inspire your visitors and streamline your business. The system allows you to create dynamic Tracks / POIS / Zones together with communication, and can also include an advanced payment solution for your visitors in the form of digital tickets and QR codes.

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OUTE should be perceived by facility owners, ski resorts and municipalities as one of the most valuable GIS platforms with a user-friendly service that collects information and communicates to visitors, staff and management in real time. Our mission is to become a valuable partner with good knowledge of GIS-based interaction.

what we offer

To all visitors, staff, enthusiasts


Quality in coding, quality in communication, quality in business. We do not have unlimited resources, but we strive for perfection when we communicate to our staff, subcontractors and partners. With the OUTE system, dynamic information can give users, visitors and staff the best possible experience.


Our values ​​include, fair play and fair pay. You and your customers are our most valuable assets. We believe that business integrity is the key to success and comprehensive communication creates effective relationships with customers. Our goal is to provide increased efficiency to ensure satisfied customers and a long-term relationship!


By logging activities, you then have the necessary information at hand. When did we close the trail? When did we prepare the piste? When did we check the water quality at the bathing site? What do our customers think about their hiking experience? No matter what happens within your organization or your area, our platform provides information that creates more satisfied employees and customers!

Oute - an investment in the future

OUTE is a geographic information system (GIS Software) designed to store, retrieve, manage, view and analyze all types of geographic and spatial data. With GIS software, you can produce maps and other graphical displays of geographic information for analysis and presentation.
OUTE delivers as a “cloud service” running on our servers so you can get full access from any browser. The interaction with our staff app (navigator) and our public app makes the platform very powerful. In the back office, you build up your facility and create points of interest, tracks, users, resources, zones, tickets, public data, etc.

Our vision

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