Oute Activities

Our system is based on separate modules that enables the possibility to custom design a platform for each individual target. Dynamic Trail preparation, GPS-based task management, POI:s that change status and colors over time, ticketing with QR codes, license plate controls, and many other features are offered.

We can also become your partner and build your solution (based on our functionality) and any aspect of a digital GPS-based system you need, we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

Oute Active

Are you a business owner that would like to inform your clients with real-time information, sell outdoor activities such as downhill biking, hikes, cross country skiing, snowmobile trails, fishing areas, and at the same time have a platform where your staff can, by using an app, easily log or change the information so that everyone has control? Then Oute Active is the right choice for you.

Oute Interactive

Being a central organization with several local clubs as members does not make it easy to deliver a modern IT solution under your own brand. Contact us, and we will create our functionality, under your own name, with a mutually beneficial business case where you can have your own version of the app. In combination with an offer where we take care of complex development and security and you provide the local connection and awareness.

White Label

The modern countries understand that they need to manage their resorts and work proactively with people’s health. Updating infrastructure and support inhabitants to be outside, active, and at the same time being able to communicate with them in a professional way.

Oute Active can also be offered as an iFrame or White Label. Contact us to discuss a “public” license for your business and how you can get access to a modern GIS based platform.

We want to help you gain control.

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Dynamic & Interactive GIS-based System With Many Possibilities.