Multiple channels

Through digitalization

Want to get an insight in how the staff app (Navigator) looks and functions? Insert your information below and we will send you a link to the video.

Investing in a digital system increases the efficiency at a workplace.

Our system provides increased value and opportunities to sell tickets through QR codes, control tickets with your phone, follow up on ongoing activities, get reports of activities, manage trail updates, sell memberships, manage/present hiking trails, bike trails, fishing waters, sell trail certificates, digital maps and much more. Do not hesitate to contact us. There is a free version that allows you to be seen at our public web, join today!


OUTE is delivered as a “cloud service” that runs on our servers enabling you to get full access from any web browser. The interaction with our staff app (Navigator) and our public app makes the platform very powerful. In the back office, you build up your facility and create point of interest, trails, users, resources, zones, labels, public data, etc.

This information can then be updated by a navigator, a GPS tracker, or manually if needed. You should work as little as possible with our system as our system works for you. Different types of reports can be delivered to you in emails or as an automatic report that is sent to you on schedules days. 


The oute Navigator App allows employees to manage their daily work and the oute system directly through their Android or IOS mobile phones.

The Navigator can be used to manually update preparation statuses on both POIs or trails. If you are after a more personalized experience for the visitor, staff can even leave their own personal messages about trails and POIs to give the visitor even more accurate information.

Your mobile phone’s GPS function can also be used together with the oute Navigator to record trails and send them to the oute back office as well as automatically update trails as they are prepared.


Many parts of the information contained in our system are available on our web and we hope that this will become a place where practitioners of outdoor activities can find places where they can exercise their activities, log in and see where they were, and take part in the tracking status, facility information, etc.

Here you can also get a sense of what we can deliver to you in the format called “iFrames”. An “iframe” is a “window” that you can have on your own website that shows your map, trail information, POIs, etc. These can also be controlled to a single area, trail or whatever you want. An iframe can be placed on the web or if you want to access our services via API this is also available, please contact us for more information.

Public app

The oute public app allows visitors to access all of the oute back-office functions with the convenience of a mobile app. The app is available free to download on both Apple and Android devices.
The Public App allows visitors to access information about (depending on if the resort subscribes to this module)
Create virtual races with your friends and logbooks of your activity (see more below)

  • Trails
  • Zones
  • Ticketing
  • Links and Information
  • You can offer digital maps with unlocking of hidden trails
  • Notifications when you are in areas that are closed
  • 3:d party partners can market their services to visitors

Visitors can record logs, become the top performer in the trail, create logbooks of their activities that they have performed during the week, give feedback to the facility, including text and images. This gives an added value for the user to be involved and allows the facility for better prioritization of work schedules and better. All of the relevant trail and POI information is stored on the mobile device so that it continues to be useful, even if you lose a mobile internet connection.


The OUTE platform is built on modules. You can also call it features, which each user can gradually start using. The more information you insert into the platform and the more modules / functions you use, the better the experience for your customers.


Demo - Backoffice

We organize online events where we go through functionalities with you. You also have the opportunity to ask questions.


demo - Navigator

We organize online events where we go through functionalities with you. You also have the opportunity to ask questions.


Demo - publik app & webb

We organize online events where we go through functionalities with you. You also have the opportunity to ask questions.